Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today was nothing short of chaotic randomness, and me feeling scatterbrained. 

At last minute, I ate lunch with Jonathan since he was in town. Andddd, he chose Chicken Express. Which I've only eaten at the BSM and work, so today was first actual time at Chicken Express. Shocking to some of you, I know. 

Then, we're just watching TV in the dorm lobby when I get a phone call. This phone call informed I was supposed to be at work thirty minutes ago.... oops. I thought I had the later shift. So, I ran upstairs and quickly got ready. 

Get off work and eat. 

Go work out (some of you will laugh that I did this after you see what comes next). 

Go to the 24-hour clinic since I've been semi-sickish for the last... two weeks. Got a shot in my booty and some drugs to make me feel better :) 

I took this picture because a) it's been in my head for the last few hours; b) it's Taylor and I's current favorite song; c) today I had a lot of "feelings" ... tired, excited, stressed, sick, content, hyper, tired.... 

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