Saturday, July 4, 2009

#82 with a little extra.

#82 on my list -- Celebrate my diabetic birthday. 

[This blog is supposed to be my blog for Friday, but it is almost 1 a.m. on Saturday.... Oh well.]

Ellie always goes out with some friends and celebrates her "diabetic birthday" (day she was diagnosed), but I never have. My friends just weren't into it... parents thought it was weird to celebrate... etc. This year, since I'm kind of 'on my own' I decided I wanted to finally celebrate. So we did. 

Taylor, Amanda and I dressed up (sorta) and went to - of course - Olive Garden! The last time we went, we all just got the salad because we love it and it's only $5 and comes with free/unlimited breadsticks. That was the plan for this time, with maybe an appetizer or dessert. The girls decided they wanted to get entrees, but being the cheap person I am... I decided to just stick with salad. Though, I did end up getting dessert with a little something extra:

Not only did the waitress decide to surprise me with candles, but she also gave it to me for free! :) Anddddddd, the girls were so nice and split the cost of my salad. So, this year not only did I get a free meal for my birthday ('rents), but my diabetic birthday too! Thanks girls :) This was the first diabetic birthday I've ever celebrated, and it was extra fun/special.

Just to add a little extra fun into the night, we decided to take a little adventure... or I guess I did. See:

Yep. Little ol' me decided to be brave and get a new piercing. I got really light headed a little after the needle went in, which was surprising, seeing as.... I'm diabetic. Haha. But no fainting or anything of the sort. I can't wait for the two months to be over so I can take out the hoop and put in a regular earring though! 

So, knocked ANOTHER item off my list and fully enjoyed it! :) It is officially my 16th diabetic birthday, so cheers to me. I'm sure I'll have something eventful to blog about on Sunday. Until then.... 

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