Sunday, July 26, 2009

Updating the 101.

Kudos to my parents! They gave me (or lent me...?) the ol' coat rack from home - that wasn't being used - and now I can check number 78 off of my list! 

And, I de-cluttered my room! I actually did it over the last two weeks-ish, but I didn't want to check it off until the clutter was actually GONE. I didn't take a picture, because a huge bag of random items from my room didn't seem very interesting........ But, check off number 47! 

Today, after church, the girls and I went and saw: 

Which makes the second movie that I'll have seen since I started the list! One more and I can check off number 64 :)

Five more days on:
- 3 bottles of water daily
- daily photo
- 3x daily blood sugars
- No hamburger
- No pop


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