Sunday, July 5, 2009

Days Like Today.

Wow, today was one of those so-long-feels-like-an-entire-weekend days, but entirely enjoyable. 

I actually celebrated July 4th, usually our 4th consisted of nothing ALL day... and then a simple firework show at night. 

This year:
- hour long parade
- Subway (okay, we were going to eat fair food, but the liness were ridiculous)
- splitting a large bag of kettle corn between Taylor and I :)
- walking around the "Fair on the Square" for all of 15 minutes
- relaxing with AC at the girls' apartment 
- a healthy, grilled meal 
- 3 hours at the park with pictures and relaxation
- homemade ice cream, chocolate zucchini bread and watermelon

Days like today make up for all the bad days. Or at least bad days within the last month. Days like today make me SO glad that I stayed down here for the summer. They remind me I have some of the best friends that I wouldn't trade for the world. 

While I was sitting at the park for three or so hours, I thought of something. 16 years ago, on a day that is supposed to be full of celebration and fun, I was in the hospital. It was the day that changed the rest of my life. But here I am, 16 years later... having one of the best days of my summer. Obviously, it was a little more fun because of the holiday, but it's still just a weird feeling. Part of me is glad I don't remember that day, that I can't re-live it in my mind... but a smaller part of me wishes I could. It was the day that really did change my future, but I have not the slightest memory of it. Even though I wasn't born diabetic, I might've as well been... those first three years I have NO memory from (obviously, no one really does...), which I think is to my advantage - because then I didn't have to stop eating sugary stuff, etc. I just grew up this way. 

Okay, done with that tangent. Basically, today I realized how thankful I am for where I live (in general, America, and specifically, Canyon) and my friends and everything that's been thrown my way (good and bad). 

My photo of the day is of my friend Taylor at the park:

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