Monday, July 6, 2009

Check, check, check, and ...check.

So, I'm making some progress on my 101 list

Yesterday I conquered two!
#21 -- Design my own photo brand/logo. So people will stop stealing my wicked photos off of Facebook! .. which is my own fault, but sometimes they're so good I just want to show people! :)
#37 -- Clean out my iTunes. I deleted all those old school rap/pop/anything else I consider annoying songs! I'll probably do this again soon, my music opinion changes daily. 

I also purchased my TWLOHA shirt yesterday, but I'm not going to blog it/count it off until it comes in! 

When my mom gets back from Cali (which I believe is tomorrow), I'm going to my two camera's in an attempt to get a new one. But, if you have any expertise or knowledge on digital camera's that are actually good - please let me know. I'm just googling info and trying to figure out what's best. 

I'm on day six of drinking three bottles of water a day, 100 sit-ups in the morning and evening, taking a daily photo, and no hamburger/pop for a month. I had to restart my 3x daily blood sugar... darn 4th of July got me. In August, I plan to start my food log. 

Here's the daily photo (me at work, in a weird mood. haha... and I was too lazy to straighten my hair, but my hair didn't want to cooperate with mousse either - it's doing it's own thing. whatever.)

I'm sure in the next month or two I'll get: my address book updated, my lyric book made, 3 new tops, ice cream from the the ice cream truck, to cook a new food.... Oh my gosh. Okay, I don't know what else I'm going to conquer. 

When I started this, I read on someone's that it was fun and made them feel like they were actually accomplishing things. True that! :)


  1. I agree too. Checking things off makes you feel productive :)

  2. WOAH GIRL!!!!! you're truly balls to the walls on this list! making me look/feel bad. ;)

    but seriously, be careful about starting too many new things at once ... it's easier to quit lots ... but one thing, or two things is OK. :)