Thursday, July 9, 2009

Awkward Moments Define My Life.

Today has just not been my day... 

Alarm went off, and my eyes were burning and I didn't feel good, so I decided to call today my "rest" day (from working-out) and went back to sleep... for 30 minutes. I hate not being able to sleep. I think I'm developing insomnia. 

Decided I should go get a prescription refilled since they wouldn't refill it last week.... almost didn't let me refill it again. Then, called my endocrinologist to get the script for my insulin because I forgot to get it yesterday when I was there. Called, got transferred to a voicemail. Hung up, realized I forgot half the information I was supposed to say, called again, left a second voicemail. Got a text from my mom this afternoon to make sure to say I needed three bottles of insulin, called again, left a third voicemail. Why do pharmacies/doctor's offices make things so complicated?! 

Started fixing lunch: turkey burger, leftover mashed potatoes, asparagus and a fruit smoothie. Since we don't have a kitchen table of any sort and no TV to even watch in the living room, I eat in my room. Scooted my laptop up so my plate would (mostly) fit on the table. Ate a little bit of the potatoes and asparagus, and started to eat my burger... poof. I guess the strength I was pushing on the burger cause the plate to flip up. Mashed potatoes and asparagus ala dorm room floor. 

Go to work, blah blah blah. Everyday, Taylor and I get the mail together. So, walk over... get the mail, etc. We're in her office just talking, when her boss walks in. Now, a slight detail that's needed to realize why this story is important: I used to work in this office (like within the last 6 months). Yvonne and I had a few struggles and whatnot. I started to look for another job, while working this one (this is the Student Employment Office - I see all jobs available, and she sees all the paperwork that gets sent it... like when I apply at other jobs.) Found one, and called in (I was sick the day this happened) to tell my boss I would be quitting. I offered to finish out the week, two weeks, whatever she wanted. Nope, I was done. Anyways, today she walks in while Taylor is supposed to be working and we're talking. AWKWARD. I left immediately. 

I still have to work a 5-hour shift tonight at the gym. There's going to like 100-some incoming freshman running around for student orientation. I'm sure I'll have more awkward moments to post later (with a daily photo). 

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