Sunday, July 12, 2009


So, this spring I declared a minor: Marketing. But, due to my schedule I hadn't enrolled in any marketing classes for the fall (I only have 18 hours to take for it). Due to some conflict with Residential Living and whatnot, I had to take a Summer II class. Well, I did not want to actually go to class (it's summer!) - online all the way! Luckily, one of the classes I need for my minor is offered online. 

Well, today I took my first test (okay, well I took it the other day and didn't do so snazzy. But, my professor is amazing and lets us take the exam twice!) today and got a 74%. Which is not the grade I wanted, but it was over six chapters. I hope the next two (only three tests) go better!

As I was about to sign out, I noticed it said "Extended Learning Activity due Thursday." Oops. I forgot the next assignment was due in a few days. Seeing as I'm leaving in the morning (YAY!) for Dallas, this was a problem.

Luckily, I'm a baller at making powerpoints. But the topic made me laugh: "Your task will be to examine Twitter extensively and develop a presentation selling the idea of Twitter to management." I just joined Twitter last week, and so far I'm not sure that I want to keep it... but I whipped up a pretty spectacular slideshow! 

Seeing as most of my day was spent studying and/or doing my last-minute assignment, I figured this picture would be appropriate :)

This is my last blog until Saturday! DALLAS, HERE I COME! :) ... now I need to go pack. 

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  1. you are SO slacking on blog posts right now. i need to teach you how to pre-write posts, then schedule them to appear. that's what I mostly do!